Santairiku Eiyuuki

Heroic Chronicles of the Three Continents
—Chronicles of Rebuilding An Empire with Modern Knowledge—


Author: 桜木桜


Possessing memories of being born, raised and died in a country called Japan… the young boy Hercule was born in the imperial household of a declining empire.

This empire that once was a superpower that reigned over the world… is now a country nearing its end. The public finances are on bankruptcy, the military strength declined to the point that barbarians are able to wreak havoc on their territories and the neighboring countries squeezed the Empire for tribute payments every year.

And the young Hercule is forced to take over this empire!

“Eeh!? I can’t run away!?”
“You can’t.”

Thus, the 12 years old Hercule ascends to the throne.

Using the knowledge from his previous life, Hercule struggles to rebuild the empire… reforming the tax system, revolutionizing the industry, reorganizing the public finances, rebuilding the administration and reforming the military system.

This will later be known as the story of the young emperor who restored the Lemurian empire, which would later carve its name in history as the great monarch of the three continents, the “Divine Light Emperor” Hercule the First.

Arc One: The Young Emperor Who Would Later Become The “Hegemon”

LN Illustrations


Chapter 1: The Easily Coaxed Hercule

Chapter 2: Financial Reforms: White Industry & Black Industry

Chapter 3: Financial Reforms: Tax Reforms

Chapter 4: Other Reforms

Chapter 5: Forest Protection and History

Chapter 6: Nature Conservation and Coke Oven

Chapter 7: Searching for Delicacies

Chapter 8: Having Fun Making Military Reforms (I)

Chapter 9: Having Fun Making Military Reforms (II)

Chapter 10: Pelosonian War (I)

Chapter 11: Pelosonian War (II)

Chapter 12: Pelosonian War (III)

Chapter 13: Pelosonian War (IV)

Chapter 14: Pelosonian War (V)

Chapter 15: Cheerfully Making Military Reforms (I)

Chapter 16: Cheerfully Making Military Reforms (II) as well as the Succubus, this Life, and the past Life

Chapter 17: Curry

Chapter 18: Sugar

Chapter 19: Rice

Chapter 20: Fathers, and Newcomers

Chapter 21: Divine Revelation

Chapter 22: Revolt of Hadrianus (I)

Chapter 23: Revolt of Hadrianus (II)

Chapter 24: Revolt of Hadrianus (III)

Chapter 25: Revolt of Hadrianus (IV)

Chapter 26: Revolt of Hadrianus (V)

Chapter 27: Oskar Almon


Intermission 1: Lemurian Marriage Law

Intermission 2: Carolina’s Notes

Intermission 3: And so He Became Worthy of Being the Hero

Intermission 4: Evaluation Meeting

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    1. You can just go to original link and read it in English there. The whole page is translating in English very well. It’s google translation, but still should be good


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